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Imperial temple jewellery

The sanctity of temple jewellery is highly praised and admired all over! It has its relevance from the times when the goddess' idols were adorned using these intricate filigree ornaments. The royal look of temple jewellery forms a valuable part of South Indian culture. 
Made of pure gold, the jewellery itself elaborates the ethical nature of the imperial precious metal. Mohan Shyam Kalyan Das jewellers has come up with Rabani, the seraphic temple jewellery collection imparting South Indian vibes.

best jewellery showroom in lucknow
best jewellery showroom in lucknow
best jewellery showroom in lucknow
best jewellery showroom in lucknow


We aspire to work on different cultures which have originated in our country. The ethnicity of Southern temple jewellery, the beauty of Rajasthani ornaments and the divinity of modern jewellery art, we bring everything closer to our customers.

We deal with every kind of precious metal and stone. Our designs have won hearts of many , making us one of the top favourites of our clients. The jewellery that we showcase at our place speaks of ultimate finesse. The intricate delineation of every element of the seraphic jewels has been taken care of , by our team of designers. We never disappoint our customers by serving them with recurrent designs. We are known for our extraordinary and indigenous pieces of ornaments. We are best jewellery showroom in lucknow!



eco-friendly vintage rings

vintage vs. vintage-inspired

We're committed to conflict-free environmentally conscious engagement rings. We know how important eco-friendly rings are to our customers, and we are here to make sure you'll feel good about your engagement ring!

Newly-made engagement rings inspired by a vintage or antique design are another fantastic choice! The vast majority of our jewelry is authentically vintage or antique, but occasionally we recreate vintage pieces using recycled metals and vintage stones!